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The Customer Factory: The Evolution of Digital Marketing

The Customer Factory provides an introduction to the second phase of marketing and digital business.

The first phase regarding digital development, prompted the creation of different individual solutions to business and marketing needs (Websites, Social Media, Mobile, online advertising, e-commerce, mailing, marketing automation, etc.).

These pages introduce and illustrate some integrated methods and processes that are tangible and unique.

They have a solid background which has its roots in all practices and in various studies, including academic ones, to unite what - at this time - appears to be disjointed.

These methods can be used to manage the complexity of business and marketing - online and beyond - aimed at introducing the keys for success in modern business.

A method, moreover, to make concrete and measurable what has seemed elusive for many years, especially to those who deal with or work for a company every day.

This book guides, and makes the reader think in a style that is absolutely distinctive and different from the classic manuals of digital techniques.

Its content is certainly evolutionary and perhaps revolutionary, aimed at enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, digital marketing professionals, innovators, business consultants as well as for marketing and business enthusiasts in general.

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