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Star Suite - Call for Info

3 300,00 €

The Star Suite was created to give full use by a large team (max 75), manages the needs of a large company or an agency.

You have unlimited use of its features, manage e-business needs for different customers on multiple channels.

The CRM is limited to 200,000 contacts between Prospect and Customer, unlimited Follower.

Product in Monthly Subscription without duration limits.


- Create a team of up to 75 users;

- Create a Wordpress or WooCommerce website in a basic version (to be configured);

- Connect 20 Socials between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter;

- Create and send mail (up to 500,000 per month);

- Create up to 80 Landing Page;

- Create 80 Surveys (Survey);

- Integrated CRM up to 200,000 contacts to store, Prospect and Customer from your infrastructure automatically, unlimited Follower.

- Having the Power-Analytics;

- You have a file repository of 200Gb;

- You can Create Support Tickets;

- Marketing Automation;

- GDPR management;

- Google Data Studio;

- Parametric Landing Page;

- Garanted Speed ​​200 act / Sec;

- Dedicated Server;

- Content Machine;

- Project Planning;

- Calendar and To Do List.

Number of Users 75
Project Planning and Marketing Campaign Yes
Dimension of File Repository 200 GB
Site and E-Commerce Number 30
Site Connection Number 40
Users Email Number 75
Social Profile Connection Number 20
Number of News Source 100
Monthly Limit of Mail Send 500.000
Number of Landing Page 80
Number of Survey Limit 80
Number of SMS Limit 2.000
Number of Follower, Prospect, Customer on C.R.M. 200.000
Numero di Follower Unlimited
Power Analytics Included Yes
Hours of Tecnical Service Included (lump sum) 20
Extra SMS Available on request
Extra Mail Available on request
Extra Giga Available on request
GDPR management Yes
Google Data Studio Yes
Parametric Landing Page Yes
Garanted Speed 200 Act/Sec
Dedicate Server Yes
Marketing Automation Yes

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